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Musings of the Chairperson

Jai Vyaghreshvar !!!

27 years ago, in the year 1990, when I got married, after the first ‘Darshan’ of Shri Dev Vyaghreshvar I became a member of Shri Vyaghareshvar Kulaswami Parivar. In the two years -1991 and 1992 we enthusiastically arranged ST buses from Pune for the Mahashivratri celebrations. For a period of about next 10 years, since 1993 till 2003, the contact with Vyaghreshvar became somewhat broken. Our visits to Asud became rarer. In2009, our contact with Mr. Dhananjay Ranade was established again. We were astonished to hear from him, about the developments during these 10 years.In 2011, for the first time, we attended the Trust elections. Shri Vyaghareshvar Kulaswami Parivar Education Committee was set up. I was inducted as secretary. Unfortunately, this committee did not do any significant work. In the elections of 2014, I became a member of Trust’s executive committee. Meanwhile, we started visiting Asud since 2011. Active participation in the work of Vyghreshvar started to increase. After the induction in the executive committee,my husband and me attended meetings of Chitpavan Sangh in Pune, almost every Sunday.We could really appreciate the need for restoration of Shri Vyaghreshvar temple and many other lnitiatives as had been expressed by Mr. Dhananjay Ranade. We did not spare any efforts to achieve this.

Mrs. Pradnya Sahasrabuddhe (Chairperson)
Shri Vyaghreshvar Kulswami Parivar.

With the help of Chairman Mr. Dhananjay Ranade and other working members, we started to introduce new ideas for the better planning of the three annual festivals. We began to increase people's participation. We started taking new responsibilities and assigned responsibilities to new workers. In June 2017, what we could not have imagined even in dreams, did happen. I became the chairperson of Shri Vyaghreshvar Kulswami Parivar. For the first time, a lady became the chairperson of the trust. It was by the grace of Shri Vyghrgeshvar. But at the same time the I was overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility. With the help of everyone, Shravani Maharudra of 2017 and MahaShivratri festival of 2018 were well organised and were well received. There are many new challenges ahead. To meet these challenges, your financial participation is requested.

About the new work

• Putting a roof slab without disturbing the structure of the temple
• To protect the wooden pillars and beams
• To construct four rooms on the side of the stage of Yogeshwari
• Erect a permanent Pavilion from Dining Room to Deepmala
• Cleaning of temple premises and making arrangements for sit outs
• Renovate as well as build new sanitary latrines
• Installing the floor in the temple premises
• Update the website to keep it constantly updated
• Solve water issues by rainwater harvesting
• Preparing a Souvenir

Come on, then .... Vyaghreshvar is behind us. He inspires us to work. He will support us in completing the tasks. Let us all pray to him that he gives us strength to complete this mammoth task.

Donation type

  • 1. Bhaktniwas

  • 2. Temple and Complex restoration

  • 3. Laghurudra / Maharudra

Bank Details

Central Bank of India, Deccan Gymkhana branch, Pune.
SB A/C No. 1014330094, IFSC : CBIN0280655
State Bank of India, Dapoli Branch, Dist. Ratnagiri.
SB A/C No. 11325447697, IFSC : SBIN0001047