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Asud Map

The 1000 years old Shri Vyaghreshvar Temple is situated on a bank of a river. The Hemad style of architecture is amazing! When we enter the Sanctum Sanctorum from the Asembly Hall, we come across the self-made Shivalinga. The arch of the Sanctum Sanctorum is balanced by beautifully carved wooden pillars. Shri Shankara's Vahan (vehicle), Nandi is carved out of a huge stone and is standing in front of the Shivalinga.. This temple floor has dancer's sculptures on it. The small temple of Kaalbhairava is also here. Shree Vyaghreshvar is Kulswami of many chitpavan, Konkanastha Brahmins, mainly of Ranades.

The entire temple complex is surrounded by stone walls and hills which protect the temple from natural calamities. Outside this stonewall, there is a temple of Gramdevata (Main Village Deity) Jholai Devi. This beautiful temple of Vyaghreshvar finds mention in the novel and movie "Gaarambicha Bapu”.

How to reach Asud
Asud is 8 km from Dapoli. There are ST Buses plying between these two destinations. However the best way of transportation is by Auto Rikshaw or private vehicles like Jeep or Car. Take Dapoli Harne road.

  • - Take Dapoli Harne road.
  • - The temple of Shri Vyaghreshvar is on the right side and before the AsudBridge (Dapoli-Gimhavane-AsudBaug-Shri Vyaghreshvar Temple)

  • - Mumbai -Dapoli
  • - Mumbai – Khed Rly Station (Konkan Railway)
  • - Khed Station -Dapoli by ST buses or private vehicle)

  • - Mumbai-Dapoli (235 km)
  • - ST buses, private buses or private vehicles
  • - Mumbai -Mangaon NH17- turn right at Lonare junction
  • - Lonare phata – Goregaon – Turn left at Purar/Nandvi
  • - Purar – Ambet -Dapoli (Use direction indicators) (Mumbai-Panvel-Mangaon-Lonare phata-Goregaon-Ambet-Shenale-Mandangad-Dapoli)

  • - There are 3 different routes. They pass through Sahyadri range of mountains and you will find greenery all around. The monsoon adds to the beauty of the nature. Watching small waterfalls is a unique experience. ST buses, Cars and Jeeps are the means of transport..
  • - via Tamhini Ghats (200km).Pune-Paud-Pirangut Road-Tamhini Road-Turn left towards Vile-Nijampur-Mangaon. You can then proceed to NH17. turn right at Lonare junction
  • - Lonare phata – Goregaon – Turn left at Purar/Nandvi
  • - Purar – Ambet -Dapoli (Use direction indicators) .
  • - Via Chandani Chowk-Paud-Mulshi-Dongarvadi-TamhiniGhat-Vile-Nijampur-Mangaon-Lonarephata-Goregaon-Ambet-Mhapral-Shenale-Mandangad-Dapoli)

  • - Turn right towards Wai -Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar-Ambe Ghat -Poladpur then proceed to NH17.
  • - Turn left at Bharana Naka, Poladpur. Turn right to Khed. Use direction indicators from Khed to Dapoli.
  • - (Pune-Shirur-Wai-Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar-Poladpur-Bharana Naka-Khed-Furus-Vakavali-Dapoli)
  • - Pune-Bangalore KhedShivapur Turn right at Bhor phata
  • - Bhor-Varandha Ghat – cross NH17 at towards Latvan and then use direction indicators till Dapoli.
  • - Hotel Sagar,Mahad (Via Bhor Pune-KhedShivapur-Bhor-Varandha Ghat-Latvan-Dapoli).

Donation type

  • 1. Bhaktniwas

  • 2. Temple and Complex restoration

  • 3. Laghurudra / Maharudra

Bank Details

Central Bank of India, Deccan Gymkhana branch, Pune.
SB A/C No. 1014330094, IFSC : CBIN0280655
State Bank of India, Dapoli Branch, Dist. Ratnagiri.
SB A/C No. 11325447697, IFSC : SBIN0001047