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Story of Kulswami

Shri Kshetra Vyaghreshvar :

In Hindu Vedas, Puranas and in daily worshipping, worshipping of Kulswami is accorded utmost importance. It is quite evident from the etymology of the word Kulswami. It means the master of Kul–family God. Every community in Hindu religion has accepted the concept of Kulswami. Some castes have God ( like Bhagwan Shankar, Khandoba, Vitthal) as their Kulswami whereas a few others have Goddesses as Kulswamini like Ambabai, Bhavani, Shantadurga etc. In Maharashtra, All Chitpawan Brahmins have both, God and Goddesses as their Kulswami and Kulswamini.

There are various schools of thoughts regarding the origin of Chitpawan Brahmins (CB for short). According to the inscription dating back to Satavahan era, CBs came from North India for Yadnyakarma and settled near present day Guhagar. Traditionally it is believed that Shri Parashuram forced sea to retreat by shooting an arrow towards it and the land thus reclaimed, is known as Aparant Bhumi or Konkan. He put life in 13 dead bodies and after purifying (Chit-Pawan) allowed them to perform Yadnyakarma. One anthropologist, after studying the shape of the skull, came to the conclusion that they came from Middle East. One thing is certain that by their complexion, colour of eyes, general body frame and intelligence they stand out in comparison to the locals of that time. Majority CBs have Shiva as their Kulswami (barring a few who have LaxmiKeshav or Keshavraj as the Kulswami). The Kulswamini or Family Goddess is Yogeshwari in district Beed. Quite a few families with surnames Ranade, Manohar, Phaphe, Kandrap, Aakhave, Vaishampayan, Sahasrabuddhe, Dharap, Vidwans, Marathe, Ketkar and Joshi (Kashyap Gotra) have their Kulswami Shri Vyaghreshvar from village Asud. Asud is situated 8 kms from Dapoli, a hill station in Konkan.

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